Studio C

Analog / Digital Hybrid Mastering Suite

World Class Mastering Suite

Optical Disc Mastering is where it began for Digital Services back in 1981 when Sony and Philips developed the silver disc that would change audio and computers forever. Digital Services was one of the first adopters of digital audio and had the 14th PCM 1600/1610 system delivered in the U.S.A. In 1983, we took delivery of the first two Sony PCM 3324 digital mulitracks delivered worldwide that launched the digital audio revolution. All production masters are verified on Clover or Plextools data integrity systems before being released for absolute confidence as your finished product heads to replication and distribution or Digital Services CD Duplication.

Our mastering suite features a vintage Neve mastering console and a fully loaded editing computer with Sequoia V7 industry standard mastering software as well as Waves Platinum Bundle plug-ins. Analog and Digital external processors from Focusrite, Cranesong, Summit Audio, Mytek and TC Electronic are used on every session to give your project the competing edge in today’s commercial standards. Digital Services has been mastering since its adoption of the digital era in 1981 and is the most experienced mastering house in Texas.

Digital Services offers sit-in mastering and also mail or electronic delivery mastering. We work equally as hard on every project regardless of how it is submitted to us. By giving our clients the choice of attending the session or submitting from their home or office, we provide endless flexibility for the busy artist. In the past, many artists were forced to settle for less or they would plan their entire projects based on their availability to attend sessions out of their city. By offering mastering to our “distance customers” without the requirement of the client being in our studio during their session, the artist may submit a mastering request at their convenience and keep the project moving at their speed. We also offer many convenient solutions for our clients that need additional help or need to move to the next step. Everything is offered in-house for quick and professional results.

During mastering, it is sometimes necessary to make a quick edit to a track. Digital Services Studio A is located just a few doors down from our mastering house, offering a quick solution to these edit requests (rather than having to reschedule the mastering session). Our CD Duplication services are also located in-house allowing you to take your project the same day you master! When choosing a mastering house, we hope you not only take into consideration our experience, professionalism, and client history, but also our many other services that can continue to help you move your project forward all in one place.